Thursday, September 10, 2009

slowly lazy...

this week is the most boring week in my life(ye ke?rasenye sebelum ni boring gak).i feel nothing. i feel lost. i have no feeling to do my work.i feel like staying one place and do nothing.(hehehe berat gak masalah aku ni)

my bos give one work and expect me to finish it within this week but unfortunately i don't have the strength to do it(atau dlm bhs mudahnye malas).i don't know what happen to me.or maybe because i don't like the work at all?yeah maybe..

today i don't have to cook for buka puasa...yeah!we decide to buy something from bazar ramadhan.i feel like eating nasi beriani and murtabak singapore and that's all.

can't wait to balik kampung and make kuih raya..i have a few kuih raya in mind and i hope i can make almond london this year..don't want to mess with chocolate.

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