Monday, October 5, 2009

why analogue?

now I'm very busy with my ofis project call "study in Japan". to make this project realize i have to do an interview to former Japanese university students who success in their career. so far i've done 4 job is to record the conversation and transfer it into text. the first 3 interview was ok but problem started when we want to go for 4th interview and the tape recorder that i used was "rosak". so i told the officer and he was trying to find another recorder but fail. he asked me to jot down all the point by wasn't easy because maybe the person we interview speak fast and i cannot stop him if could not catch up.

So before we go to meet the person, my big boss decide to use her recorder..okay but the recorder also not in good condition..we just hope for the best..the person we interview was nice but he spoke very the end when i tried to hear back the record, i couldn't hear anything except all the noise.arghh..tension..what make me more tense because the officer always come and ask me to do it faster..i asked him to listen to the record and he said he couldn't that is also my problem..i ask them to buy digital recorder but my big boss suggest we buy the analogue one..why?in this era of technology, why she want to use kuno kind of thing?please la..i'm sick with all these dumb japanese..act like they come from Laos..

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