Friday, October 29, 2010

Tak faham=keliru=confuse

Let me put it this way, a story.(Sory English aku tunggang langgang)

Oh, there is a new person (aku consider that person sebagai dia). Okay, i don't care with dia since my work is not related with dia. But we always bump into each other. My reaction? Just smile like always to anyone here. That person? Okay, die smile too . Until last two week everything seems normal to me. I mean between me and dia. We do have chat but only 'Hi' 'morning' and a couple of words. Meaning like aku tak kacau hidup ko, ko pun tak kacau aku.

But I feel something different last two week after one of my friend expressed her feeling about that person. More to complaint actually. Me? What i did was just listen since i don't have any problem with that person so i have no story plus i am not related with that person in any way. The myterious part (macam cerita hantu pulak) after that day,iaitu after my friend have a bit miss communicaton with dia, when i bumped into dia, dia wasn't looking at me or make me like i wasn't there. Okay, maybe dia really did not see me or dia in a bad mood. After that, it happened again. And again. For me, i really don't care. Like i said, we are not related at all.

But, today's incident makes me realize that something is not right. Something fishy going on here. And i wonder is it my fault? Aku buat salah dengan ko ke? Why? We were standing next to each other and dia looking at me in a glimpse and went away like i am kind of penyibuk here and dia sangat annoying with me. Okay. So obvious that you have problem with me maybe because I'm not as pandai as dia and berada jauh ke bawah dari dia punya standard of people who can get along with dia.Or it is because you have problem with one of my friend and you think you must act the same to me. Aku sedar dirilah yang aku tak belajar tinggi macam ko..But if you have problem with others or others don't like you, perlu ke nak tunjuk sakit hati ko kat semua orang? Aku takde kena mengena dengan ko ye. Ko buat macam ni pun ada aku kesah???

Is not like I feel damn geram but tak syokla. Rupanya gini gaya perangai anak orang so called kaya and belajar tinggi. It's shows that ko tu kaya harta tapi miskin budi bahasa.

Enough talking about you.

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