Wednesday, March 9, 2011

When we know the truth....

Today, everything was clear. I got the answer. I was shock. I couldn't speak as I feel like falling. Damn! It hurts my feeling so much. Sometime it is better not to know because once u know it forever u'll remember it.

I hate u so much and maybe for the rest of my life. I feel like a moroon and I just let you make me one. I thought all my hardwork will get equal appreciation or at least reasonable but unfortunately they make me like I'm not welcome here. You just bullshitting me man!

Now I know where is my place. If its the house, I can say that I just fit in the toilet. See? Everybody can stay nicely in the room or even master bedroom but me? Have to struggle to fit in the smelly little place. Hate u the japs.

I thought it was just that but unfortunately it wasn't. There was other thing that bigger than that. Was totally unexpected. That make me feels like i'm the real jerk. The most stupidess person living on earth. You act like you care and you also the victim but the truth is you the motherfucker. I'm sorry if my words kind of extreme but if you know the real story you'll understand why I act like this. You try to convince me that I'm not alone in this but the fact is I am alone. Now I realize that what I feel about you and what you say is right. Damn right. I will not forgive you. Ever. I never expect that you would do this me. What kind of people are you? No wonder you were so calm about this issue because you were not the loser but the winner. Ah..what a fake. You are a total fake. Faker! I start to hate you as soon as I know bout this. And I feel this hate will grow bigger and bigger every second. You played with my honour, dignity, trust and pride. This is so unfair. I wish you satisfied. Let Karma do his job!

Arghhh..hate this feeling...Why me? Am I too bad???????

Menyesal buat baik dengan orang. Selama ni aku diam tapi rupanya korang
pijak kepala aku. Dont mess with me. Lepas ni memang aku takkan percaya ko lagi.
Aku akan terus berpura-pura seolah-olah tiada apa2 tapi tuhan jek yang tahu apa
yang tersirat dalam hati ni. Semoga hidup ko tenang hidup dalam penipuan
ni...Setiap perbuatan ada balasannya..tunggu.

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