Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Selamat Tahun Baru 2017


Selamat tahun baru guysss!

New year new resolution new things a lot of new. But as for me, i am still me. The same me maybe with a better cloth.. haha. I just want to do better, be better and hope for the better. Looking forward for the entire 2017 because this year will be a very very very busy year. More than hundred events are listed up. Tengok senarai pun takut weh.. But i want to enjoy life to the fullest. Maybe this is the 'starting point' of my career to grow. In Sha Allah.

This year also both Kasyah and Suci go to school. Sending them yesterday for the first day at school. They were super excited especially Suci. She loves to go school. Hopefully she will loves school until university. Kasyah also excited. So we as parents, we both excited. Belajar rajin2 anak2 ku. Tak dapat nombor satu pun takpe. The efforts that count. I miss them when they were baby. How time files.

Foto Anne Raini.
The 'makcik' Suci and the 'sado' Kasyah.. hehe

Ok guys, see you again in another post. Cannot promise when. haha.



Qhaifa Nur said...

Besar dah Suci...comel
Dh sekolah laa

nuyui a.k.a miss YUI said...

lahai comelnya suci. dh mcm muka bapaknya pakai tudung.ekekeke..

ct cheery said...

Mmm besar dah suci and Kasih..Taw2 dah masuk sekolah hehe

Anonymous said...

Walau sy kurang hafal bahasa inggris ikut nyimak aja.. Salam kenal mampir ke blog saya mba..

LYAfrina said...

alaaaa...comey,,cepatnya masa berlalu..dh sekolah pon dia

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